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Theme wedding is the new concept which has hit the Indian marriage market lately and is quickly catching up. Theme weddings are nothing but a different approach to celebrating your marriage.

With the help of a theme a wedding ceremony can be made more special and memorable. This is because you blend the elating reality with wild fantasy. The concept is quite popular in the West and has managed to lure couples from India as well. Moreover, theme weddings are more appealing both for the guests and the host, as they experience something unconventional keeping the traditional values intact.

Some nice wedding themes suggestions are:

Beach Wedding Theme

For all the would-be brides and grooms nothing can seem more special than their wedding. It is an occasion, which every couple wants to make memorable, as it is a one time affair. Thus, in order to achieve that feeling, people opt for different ideas.

Fly your hosts to a serene beach, set the wedding, and exchange vows on top of your voice as the sound of those crushing waves will not let you be heard otherwise.

Flower Wedding Theme

India is a bounteous land in terms of natural beauty. Owing to its picturesque locales, it is also referred as the heavenly abode of the Lord. This abundance can be celebrated along with the special occasion of your wedding. This is possible if you choose flower theme for your marriage.

Royal Wedding Theme

India is an enigmatic land, with a rich cultural and historical heritage. Ruled over by innumerable dynasties, the country has experienced a wealth of royalty. The imperial legacy can be seen spread over different regions in the form of various forts, palaces and temples. With Golden as its main color, this theme defines the uniqueness of Royal & Elide class. This theme focuses on a Royal setup with exclusive services which differentiates it with general Wedding.

Valentine Wedding Theme

You know love is in the air, as soon as the Valentine’s Day is ready to arrive. It is this time of the year when the adrenaline rush is at the highest level and the young hearts are fluttering with mushy feelings. The air smells sweet and there is romance in the surroundings, intoxicating the lovelorn couples.

Bollywood Style Wedding Theme

The all-time-favorite theme almost every little girl secretly cherishes since childhood is having a Bollywood style Indian wedding. Those singing and dancing rehearsals, that weeklong sagaisangeetmehendishaadi festivity, that band-baaja-baaraat concept – it gives an unmatched high. In fact, now, you can even make a real time full length feature film on your wedding too where a director will work on a script with his entire crew, where the bride and groom will play the lead roles, where roll-camera-action will be heard beside the Vedic chants. You can’t get it better.

The entire setup of Bollywood makes a difference. You can choose your Favorite movie & create a Filmy environment. Add jazz to your wedding with this theme.

Royal Rajasthan Wedding Theme

Everyone wants to be a prince or princess on his or her wedding. That is absolutely possible with this Royal theme wedding. And, no wonder, the princely state of India, Rajasthan is the top choice as a venue. The majestic Jodhpur or Udaipur palaces, the regal arrangements, royal guards, heavy gold jewelries, Kundan jhumkas, everything speaks of a refined taste and grandeur.

Aqua Theme

This theme will be color centric with blue & white as its main color. The décor will be focused on Aqua theme. We can add other Options with it like Shells, Pearls or Mermaid so as to add charm to the beauty of this theme. This kind of theme can be well-suited for a natural pool side venue. If you want to keep it indoor, you can also create a aqua set up with blue screens, sofas covers, shining stars with a perfect aqua set up.


The theme focuses on King & Queen style marriage. The ambiance & services will be related to the same. The Wedding Setup will give an exclusive Palace like look.

Punjabi Wedding Theme

Adding the taste of Punjabi Tadka, we can create a complete setup of Punjabi Wedding with all the essential elements required from Dhol to Bhangra dance troupe & from Ghori in Baraat to tempting Punjabi cuisines.

South Indian theme

With the elegant flavor of South Indian, this theme focuses on a very classy décor with flowers. Floral work with vibrant color shades of orange, yellow, white & red appears to be very soothing . Spiced up with delicious South Indian Cuisines, it creates a perfect South Indian environment.

Peacock Theme

What can be better than a Peacock themed wedding in Monsoon. The décor will be Green & Blue color centric with creates a very beautiful & colorful ambiance. Make your wedding special with this theme.

Now-a-days, some of the more popular unique Indian wedding themes include:

  • Village wedding theme

    -A village wedding can be held in a rustic setting decorated with lanterns, earthen pots, bullock carts etc. The entertainment and food can also revolve around such rustic ideas. You can opt to have the food served on banana leaves and the baraat may comprise of exotic animals like elephants etc.

    If you want a pure ethnic touch in your wedding then nothing can be more alluring than a village wedding. Away from the hustle and bustle of cities, the priest will solemnize your marriage in a rustic setup lit by thousands of diyas or earthen lamps and hanging lanterns. The cool breeze will soothe the atmosphere carrying with it the scent of an unknown countryside flower. A dreamlike wedding.

  • Goan wedding theme

    -A Goan wedding theme is especially popular in cross-cultural weddings. Goa is famous for its endless sandy beaches. In India, beach weddings are a novelty.  A Goan wedding setting is not just unique; it is also quite romantic. The glorious sunsets and endless sea is sure to impress guests and are also symbolic of a happy future for the couple-to-be.

  • Arabic/Roman/Egyptian wedding themes

    – While these themes are not very popular in India, they certainly hold a charm for non-residential Indians living across various parts of the globe. Such weddings require a more elaborate décor. A professional wedding planner can help one choose the dresses, décor and food for incorporating these thematic elements in their weddings. One can have paintings, artifacts and drapes at the venue to conform to the respective styles of the region. For example, in a Roman theme, one can have paintings of the Coliseum, and include chariots and landscaped gardens and fountains that typical to the country.

    It’s hard to find an Indian kid who has not grown up reading Arabian Nights. Similarly, an Indian who is not besotted with Pharaohs, Pyramids and hieroglyphs is rare as rain in Iceland. So themes based on these two ideas are hugely popular for their irresistible charm doubled by the beautiful belly dancers, Arabian tunes, and everybody dressed like Aladdin and Princess Jasmine.

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